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May 6, 2016



Dog Apparel in Bergen County is easy to find and there are always new retail offerings and boutiques to choose from. Bergen County is a hospitable environment for dog-owner companionship and sporting about the town.  Most of the shops are well known for quality and it is also a great place to find boutiques that sell gourmet / medicinal dog treats, and specialized confections.

Treating one’s dog to some of the comforts that people enjoy can be a mutually rewarding experience. Canine members of the family certainly appreciate looking and feeling their best in a way similar to having their bellies rubbed and behind their ears scratched. for example has its central headquarters in Bergen and offers designer dog apparel and accessories. Dog owners are often inspired by fashionable dog owning celebrities like Paris Hilton, Tori Spelling, Nicole Ritchie, and Paula Abdul, and selections from this boutique have been featured on Fox News and W Magazine.

Customers who prefer the most stylish, high quality clothing for their animals have quite a few options and shopping for a puppy is of course half the fun. Certain decisions about your animal might be made about his or her style like;

Is your puppy posh, debonair, or preppy? Is it preferable to dress him or her in mainly outwear or are they more comfortable in  indoor attire as well? What kinds of apparel is appropriate for certain events and which is more practical? Some of the popular choices in apparel include items such as Paw Protectors, Boots, Raincoats, dresses, as well as accessories like backpacks, Bowties, bandanas, and crowns.

Designer fashions can be found for every occasion as well as attire befitting more functional wear. Formal dress, loungewear, pajamas and specialized accessories like life jackets are available at plenty of online luxury pet shops. Designers like Ruff Ruff Couture of Beverly Hills, Push Pushi, and Oscar Newman, are big sellers and quite popular with luxury clients. Neiman Barkus caters to the luxury client who requires clothing and fashions for weddings, holiday fashion, and spa outings.DogPet Boutique is another luxury store that is also an exclusive doggy daycare membership club in West Hollywood and Beverly Hills.


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