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December 1, 2015

“What do women want? Shoes!” – Mimi Pond author of The Valley Girl’s Guide to Life


Back in the day, fashion editor and Simon & Krull CEO, Kendra Krull Simon’s main goal in life was to obtain a vanilla ice cream cone from Circus Liquor, a local corner store in her North Hollywood neighborhood. The liquor store’s towering and monumental, but somewhat infamous landmark, is one that cannot be missed, he is an enormous glowing and colorful super wattage-powered emblem of childhood dreams and magic. His fretfully exuberant expression of excitement, make promise of the ultimate pleasures in delight and whimsy. Not only a sign but an allegory of sensory taste, of the divine and the sweet.  


The clown seemed to preside over all activity occurring in the area, watching and welcoming, but also strangely maniacal and wise, with his ever- exceeding and inspired grin. For, there was once a time when the unthinkable had occurred, and perhaps it was because of the clown’s watchful and imposing presence, providing some sort of sanctimonious pledge of safety and continuous pleasure, that prevented Kendra’s bike from being stolen that fateful day. Surely, the clown would never have allowed them to be separated.


We do not know what occurrence might have shifted Kendra’s direction in life since her days of these sugary pursuits. Some say it was a combination of puberty and the film Clueless, others state that soon after being sent to a speech pathologist for deprogramming, she was committed to the valley shopping malls, handed a credit card, and told to ‘become a lady.’ However, some of us who have made her acquaintance in the fashion industry know that secretly, she still visits the Circus Liquor clown and her old stomping grounds, though she is usually wearing a pair of red 6.5” high-heeled Giuseppe Zanottis…  



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