What to Look for When Choosing a Wedding Photographer...

November 8, 2015




Take a look at bridal magazines, select your favorite photos. and make a wall collage or scrap book of the most impressive looks. Then decide which qualities are the most appealing and why, so that you can more easily match up with a like-minded photographer, or at least be able to express what you like to the photographer who is hired. Good wedding photographers might be well-known in their communities and will be easy to find. If accepting recommendations from friends and/or family, be sure to first take a look at their wedding photography. You should also ask your friends if the wedding photographer is polite and affable, with a clean appearance, and a great personality, so there won’t be any problems when they converse with your guests.  



Once you have made a working list of well-reputed photographers you will need to begin interviewing them. Style for many is the most important consideration when selecting a photographer. Take a look at their work. What sort of style does the photographer use, is it minimalistic? Artistic looking? Humorous or strange? Analyze the quality of the photography. Is the light flattering? Is the pose, setting, and background attractive? Does the couple look great? Are the expressions of the couples and other guests relaxed and flattering to their features? Ask plenty of questions so that you can get a feel for the way the photographer will approach the photography, and test your comfort level with the person. Also make sure that the photographer provides photo editing. Some photographers find photo editing rather uneventful and will not include it in the service or might edit one or two of the pictures and call it a day.



A busy and well-connected wedding photographer will have close relationships with other professionals that can assist with the wedding preparation. Photographers have regular access to the services of professionals like make-up artists, hairstylists, and photo editors that can help the bride and groom look their absolute best. You will be working intimately with the photographer after the wedding as well so it is logical to ask them for these recommendations. The makeup artists that the photographer normally works with for example, will have a good chance of doing makeup that is going to photograph very well. This also works in reverse, florists, caterers, and limousine drivers might know of an excellent photographer who does much of the wedding photography for their clients. If this turns up no results, then consider a wedding planner or consultant who will know who to hire that is reliable, will show up on time, and who does a great job with no surprises. Some experts recommend beginning the process of searching for the right photographer at least six months in advance. 



Consider an additional engagement shoot before the wedding. This shoot can get you warmed up in front of the camera, even though the wedding day is likely to be different. Photographers recommend assigning plenty of time for the shoot on the wedding day, so that you can make sure to get all of the different shots in with your relatives and friends that you want. If you can afford it, consider hiring a celebrity photographer, which you could find through recommendations, on the web, or in the local newspaper. You might need to pay their travel expenses to shoot your wedding depending on where they are located. This could easily be worth the expense. 








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