Military Grade MRE - For Civilian Preparedness and Survival

November 1, 2015



MRE meals have been developed by the United States military expressly for its combat personnel. These meals are the self-contained field rations so important to the soldiers for successful performance. MRE meals have been specially formulated to provide the maximum amount of energy and nutrition possible to replace the negative calorie balance sometimes present in American soldiers, who must face the most abysmal environmental conditions, and while transporting a great deal of heavy equipment. Each meal usually contains one entrée, one side dish, desert/snack/or candy, beverage, spread or sauce, instant coffee, creamer, sugar and seasonings, napkin, utensils, and a moist towelette.

MRE meals, since 1963, under the official name  - Meals Ready to Eat, have been regularly improved over the years. The meals continue to become more nutritional, and upgrades have also been made to the packaging, making the meals more resilient to various temperatures, as well as waterproof. “Beverage bags” and hydration packs were added to meet the needs of the soldiers when it became apparent that additional hydration was needed.


MRE - Meals Ready to Eat 


Meals Ready to Eat MRE, were designed to be eaten for 21 days. It is then recommended that a person should add fresh foods to their diet. MRE Meals Ready to Eat, require no preparation. Neither water nor heat is required to eat MRE meals. Heating of the meals is completely optional for those who would like to ingest a warm meal.




XMRE are Military grade MRE, the same high-quality military grade manufactured for the US military. XMRE Military MRE meals can be used for rescue, outdoor sports, camping, emergency preparedness, and much more. The XMRE line of products is made in the USA with solely military grade components. Choices include a full menu of meals made with beef, chicken, and vegetarian entrees. Of course, these meals can be eaten hot or cold. XMRE meals typically have the highest calorie count per meal and also per case than other MRE products on the market. They are great to store for emergencies in a vehicle for road trips, or to store in a shelter, which is easier and healthier than storing individual canned goods. They can also be stuffed in a backpack for an outdoor adventure.


*The 1300 XT; is a 1300 plus calorie meal that has an extended shelf life of 5 or more years depending on the temperature where it is stored. Each case contains six different menu choices.


*24 HR Ration; These meals provide the calories and nutrition needed to provide the body energy for 24 hours of intensive activity.


*Lite; Lite meals have a shelf life of 1-3 years or more and are lightweight and waterproof. Lite meals are prefect for outdoor enthusiasts, and each meal is approximately 600-900 calories.


*Blue Line; These are meals especially formulated for hospitals, schools, municipal entities, private companies, and overall emergency preparedness. Each meal contains 1,000-1,200 calories. Blue Line meals were engineered to provide hydration and contain electrolytes that help to stabilize the health. Medical professionals will have the best meal possible on hand in the case of emergencies. 


*XMRE GL Entrée; Are MRE 8 OZ entrees that come in home-style and gourmet varieties.















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