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October 24, 2015


Begin with Green…

A healthy green drink is the perfect recipe for replenishing the body's energy, nutrients, and vitality, and is wonderfully suited to drink on a daily basis as a supplement.  Green drinks usually derive their green color from chlorophyll; the green pigment found inside of algae. The benefits of chlorophyll are numerous and profound. Chlorophyll is an anti-oxidant and a superoxide that protects cells from free radicals. Consuming chlorophyll with meals is a great way to counteract the negative effects of foods that are fried, for example. Fried foods have been found to damage the colon cells and in particular, the DNA of colon cells, and chlorophyll provides protection. Chlorophyll helps to inhibit the growth of candida albicans. It makes iron more absorbable in the body. It encourages healing. It promotes the internal cleansing of agents like Aflatoxin, a known carcinogen, and is becoming more widely used in cancer therapy. Amazingly, chlorophyll helps to control food cravings. It does this by stabilizing the body's blood sugar levels, making it beneficial to ingest it with meals as part of a weight loss plan. Chlorophyll also reduces body odors and aids in the digestive process, alleviating ailments such as gas and constipation. 

Making a Fresh Super Green Drink

Getting children and other members of the household on the super green drink bandwagon need not be difficult. Start them off with sweet green drinks such as those made with green apples. Consider gradually adding more nutritious ingredients like Kale and Swiss Chard into the mix. Try blending a juicy green apple drink in the morning for breakfast that contains carrots, grapes, spinach and blueberries. These types of super green drinks are sweet and tasty. Just put all of the ingredients in the blender with water and ice.

     *Quick preparation

The best powdered super green drinks will contain all of the ingredients that you might not already have in the refrigerator and pantry, or may not have the time to shop for and prepare yourself. These powders are quick and easy to blend and are fantastically healthy. Both Green Energy Powder and Green Superfood Energy Powder are quite refreshing and stimulating, and are much healthier than coffee and soda. These can be purchased in both travel and jumbo size quantities, and most only require water. Organic Green Powder is made with heaps of organic vegetables and help to ensure that the recommended allowances of vegetables are consumed in your daily diet. Organic Superfoods are derived from the healthiest compounds contained in foods like grapes, spinach, broccoli, onions, garlic, and berries, and also from herbs like oregano, basil, red pepper, as well as probiotics, chlorophyll and enzymes. Super Green Powder, which is sometimes called “a field of greens,” is a perfect vegetabledrink-equivalent. Some of these powders are just as nutritious as grass juices, providing the recommended five to nine servings of vegetables per day.

At the Health food Store                                                                          

There are many different options on the market for those who may not have the time to purchase, prepare, and blend their own super green drink and would prefer to buy green juice, keeping a stock of pre-prepared drinks in the refrigerator. This is a great idea in fact, because people simply get busy, and being able to grab a super green drink for breakfast in the morning or on the way out to work and to school, could make all the difference. The best juices found at the health food stores will be those geared towards your individual health goals. For example, those seeking to boost immunity will look for ingredients like vitamin C and anti-oxidants, as well as detoxing agents like chlorophyll, spirulina, and especially mushrooms; herbs like elderberry, Echinacea, and olive leaf extract. Immunity boosters are especially helpful for staying healthy around sick individuals at the office and for both children and adults during cold and flu season, helping the body fight off bacteria and infections. Green smoothies that are great for hair will contain almond milk, banana, kale, pear, and flax seed oil. Super green drinks for digestion will have ingredients like probiotics and enzymes.

Best Juicers for Greens 

Centrifugal juicers operate by spinning the fruit and vegetables around at high speeds, and then pushing them through a mesh chamber. These types of juicers are best for very soft and hard foods, but are not as proficient with greens and will create a foamier and more oxidized juice. For Super Green Drinks, we need to press the juice out of the greens. The juicers that can press and extract the juice from the greens are called masticating or triturating juicers, and these juicers operate at slower speeds of about 80 RPM. Masticating juicers in particular, grind up leafy greens before ejecting the pulp so that more of the leaf is being utilized and with less waste. Masticating juicers are also known to be somewhat quieter than the centrifugal juicers.


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