October 23, 2015




The Forex – Foreign Exchange Market, is the largest market in the world in terms of the total volume of cash being traded, approximately $5.3 trillion, on a daily basis. It is predicted to reach 8 trillion per day in 2019. The FOREX market is open to all investors 5 days per week/ 24 hours a day.


The risks associated with Forex trading in options, spot, and futures, can be vastly different from the risks associated with stock trading, though currency markets are in many ways more flexible than equities, which are more speculative. Of course, some knowledge of foreign markets is required as well as knowledge of the way bankers trade is helpful, as bankers make up 92% of the total FOREX market volume. Bank traders use a methodical as opposed to random approach, and trade with the market, analyzing the support and resistance which indicate the trends of the market.


Stock Traders are looking for ways to grow their capital in the market without a great deal of guesswork, failed experiments, and losses. Finding investment opportunities in equities, which could grow 170% within the first one or two days of trading, are available to the investor on the internet, and online trading is a great way to earn passive income. Needless to say, stock market investing and trading education is a great idea for new investors. Access to an investment article database as well as research articles that include analysis, strategy tips, tools, data, and stock trade examples, facilitate the success of the stock trader of any level, helping them to make better-informed decisions. Though any type of investment may have its pitfalls and risks, there are few that can deliver returns as robust as those which can be obtained through stock investment.  Each year, the S&P 500 consistently outperforms all other types of investing. A diversified portfolio that may have miscalculated in one area can easily compensate in another.


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