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Introduction to the Third Eye

The pineal gland, which is located in the epithalamus and vertebrate brain, is an endocrine gland that produces melatonin, a hormone derived from serotonin. When first getting to know the pineal gland, one can take note of the much-employed reference to the gland’s anatomical abilities as a transducer of light. Melatonin is physiologically related to melanin~ to light sensitive pigments ~ and light transduction~ which communicates to the entire body ~ stimulating neuronal activity.     


Getting Started

Experts recommend using one's "own gut instinct" when deciding how to go about opening the third eye pineal gland. Under the assumption that the gut instinct is in fact the best way of opening the third eye, then perhaps it is a good idea to begin the process by preparing the mind, body, and spirit for this new experience, so that the inner voice can best be heard. Relaxation and self-talk are good ways of notifying and informing the psyche about what the intention is and about the work which is about to transpire. The psyche contains, among other things, the ego, persona, and the intellect. A great and widely recommended way of doing this is by listening to the healing theta frequencies of Binaural Beats Music. Binaural Beats Music is a theta frequency utilized by Buddhist monks. Binaural Beats is the term used by scientists to describe the measurement of the brain's activity when it is stimulated in reaction to auditory stimulus. When the brain activates, it is responding to the difference between the tones and not the actual tones. These frequencies, which are normally 4-7 Hz, are often used in connection with advanced meditation and also have the benefit of promoting deep and restful sleep. Binaural Beats Music is a tool for personal growth, relaxation, and spiritual practice that does not require the mind's immediate focus. A person can begin the process of opening the third eye while they are cleaning the house, stretching, doing homework, or even right now while reading this article! Focusing on the music is preferable but not necessary to begin feeling more relaxed and inspired while working towards the goal.


Utilizing Meditation

Ideally when meditating with the goal of opening and deepening the perceptive mind and sensory abilities, there should be no one in the nearby vicinity, for example, a child or spouse might be clanging a spatula on a skillet while they fry pork chops, or perhaps a meditator is inches of wall space away from a neighbor that might have stolen a package from the porch last Christmas. Great places to initiate an expanded awareness would have to be on a secluded beach or perhaps on a farm. If these types of locations are not available to the meditator, the Binaural Beats Music can help to tune out some of the noise.



Learn as much as possible about the pineal gland. The pineal gland is an instrument of the brain that countless teachers and scholars have written about over the centuries. Some of this education and the various platitudes that can be reached are well worth consideration during meditation and quiet contemplation. To begin, look at diagrams of the brain and locate the pineal gland. While looking at the pictures try to sense its location within the body.


Notions to Consider

*Consider the notion that everything that is known in life is made up of consciousness. If this is indeed true, then perhaps consciousness could be anything and anywhere at anytime and not simply limited to what is immediately perceived as reality.

*If sight with the eyes is actually sight with the brain, and if the third eye or pineal gland is physiologically designed to function as a light transducer, what would its relationship be to the ability to see auras, and how would a person begin to practice or more fully develop that skill?

*Pineal gland experts have stated that the third eye is the seat of the soul and the pathway to the universe and higher realms. If this is true then perhaps there is a higher consciousness, a higher self, or perhaps a God and/or angels that can provide support and assistance in daily life.


Specific Exercises

-Meditate everyday with Binaural Beats music using a mantra or a preferred meditation technique. Spend each day considering the various aspects of expanded consciousness.

- Begin practicing vibrational techniques: Sit with the eyes closed and back strait. Inhale and exhale allowing tension to dissipate. Visualize the pineal gland surrounded by a healthy and blissful universe full of love and peace. After some moments of doing this, inhale and hold the breath for several seconds. On the exhale, purse the lips and place the tongue between the teeth. Using the tongue, hum the word “love” vibrating the V during exhalation until the breath has passed. Rest and then repeat again.

-Utilize visualization in conjunction with the 7 chakras: Sit cross-legged and relax. Begin breathing gently. Reaffirm faith that the third eye will be opened quickly. Visualize the pineal gland inside of your mind. The pineal gland is located within the 6th chakra, the psychic chakra. Draw the eyes to the center of the mind between the eyebrows where the pineal gland of the third eye is located.  Let visions and pictures from the mind appear at will. Later, choose one and focus on it. After some days of practicing this meditation, visualize the 6th chakra being filled with the bright  and vivid aura colors of the color spectrum and beautiful white light, one by one. Reflect upon how each of these colors resonate, for example orange might resonate the feeling of power.  


Of course, the fastest way to open the third eye would be to hire a private tutor. A person probably shouldn’t limit themselves to any ideas about how long it will take for the opening to occur. Some teachers state that with practice it will take about 6 weeks. Each day try and utilize intuition as much as possible. More advanced practices of the third eye opening have to do with spiritual and/or angel attunement, healing practices, clairsenses: clairvoyance (vision), clairaudience (hearing), clairsentience (feeling), clairscents (smell), clairgustance (taste), clair empathy, and channeling.






















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