Benefits of Testosterone and Detox Diets...

September 21, 2015



Testosterone is a steroid hormone that is stimulating of the healthy bodily functions in both men and women. It is the most important steroid androgen found within the body, regulating energy, libido, immune function, and bone health. Detoxification clears away toxins that may be building up within the body and around the organs like the liver, stomach, and including the brain. The process of detoxification helps to improve the functioning of the polluted organs. It will clean the blood, improving circulation and eliminate free radicals, removing environments conducive to diseases like cancer. Some medical professionals state that the body is very adept at cleaning the body on its own, though most who have detoxed report not only feeling and looking physically healthier and more fit after a detox diet, but that they are thinking better as well.

Increase Testosterone

Most experts agree that maintaining a diet free of toxins is the best way to naturally increase the production of testosterone within the body. Avoid packaged, processed/prepared foods, and artificial sugar. Fruits, vegetables, complex carbohydrates, nuts, seeds, and Omega-3 fats are recommended instead. Many have now turned to foods made gluten-free, not only to avoid the symptoms of Celiac Disease, which indicates digestive complications having to do with wheat products, but because of the scientific reports that show the linkage of products that are made with wheat, soy, industrial seed oils and sugar to various diseases. Exercise is another natural way to increase testosterone and should focus on weight lifting, at least 2 to 3 times per week, as well as strength training, and cardio for at least 30 minutes. Those who are looking to build muscle mass should regularly consume protein like whey and yogurt. Testosterone boosting supplements are said to be 20-50% effective, but the long-term results are debatable. Currently Vitamin D is being tested for its testosterone enhancing potential.   

Lose Weight

Obesity and excess weight could be a result of low testosterone levels. Annual visits to the doctor can help with monitoring a weight problem that is being aggravated by hormones and other health concerns. A weight loss plan that institutes the principles of detoxification could simultaneously make a person slimmer and build muscle tissue as well. Eating cleanly as part of a detox diet that is filled with nutrient rich foods and a healthy amount of calories, is one of the best ways to loose and maintain weight loss and to increase strength.







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