Hot Topic Inc.

September 10, 2015


It was a Hot September’s night, when I began to ruminate upon all of the things that my heart had longed for, asked for, demanded…within the darkness. Things that I had thought forbidden; impossible.

Then one night… (before 8PM, and with still another hour to shop)… I found myself mysteriously transported into a curious and quixotical realm. I had been walking for some time in what seemed to be an enchanted and glittering - dreamlike, alternate reality,

when I saw it; A dark and magical cavern opened up before me. I could see, through the doorway, the most amazing things. Things which bade me the shock of love:

I saw there a: Gryffindor t-shirt… a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Backpack… and what seemed to be a pair… of pentagram ankle socks.

But then suddenly, a wolfen beast appeared! It lunged at me, growling viciously, at the top of its lungs, and tore the front of my jeans as it departed.

When I awoke from my terror, the wolfen beast was gone, but he had left something.

It was a t-shirt that said: NIN. What could it mean? I put it on anyway. Thankfully I had fallen back upon a Walking Dead -Daryl, Body pillow!

In this magical cavern I saw and found everything I’d been looking for: Slim Straight Denim fit jeans; retro dresses for nana’s wedding, and a Brocade Lace Up Coat… for Bubba’s barbeque.

It was true! It was a Hot Topic retail store.

My Blackheart could now rest, contentedly.



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January 2, 2011

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