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August 30, 2015









Viewers can watch Season 13 of Hercule Poirot online or by purchasing the program through several different vendors including Acorn TV, Amazon, Google Play, Netflix, and YouTube. With the exception of Acorn TV, it is possible to purchase individual episodes of Season 13 Poirot, while Acorn TV is a reasonably priced monthly subscription service that has consistently featured all of the episodes in its line up.


In 2014, Season 13 of Hercule Poirot disappeared from PBS stations after only two episodes. To the dismay of many fans, the last three of the five episodes were not viewable on local public television stations until a much later date. Meanwhile, loyal followers of the series streamed the final three chapters of the series: "Elephants Can Remember," "The Labors of Hercules," and "Curtain: Poirot's Last Case," on Acorn TV, a site dedicated exclusively to British television programs. Normally it is possible to watch the previous episodes of a series shown on the PBS website for a limited time, but the PBS website space dedicated to the Hercules Poirot program isn't highly ranked and is therefore difficult to find. It also does not mention season 13 episodes as of August 2015, highlighting only seasons 9 through 12.



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