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August 11, 2015




Nevada Power Law brings to you the most comprehensive and efficient do-it-yourself style divorce services available in the state of Nevada. Paying for full representation in your divorce proceedings may seem more traditional, but it's definitely not guaranteed to produce the most desirable outcome. Nevada Power Law can provide you with a full spectrum of documents and services to empower you to settle your own legal matters. Whether you are able to negotiate your case through a settlement, are presenting a case yourself before the court, or are simply saving money on some of your representing attorney’s fees, Nevada Power Law can equip you with all of the tools you will need, affording you a greater amount of overall personal and economic control.


Many people who have had previous experience with legal court proceedings might agree that when it comes to personal matters, especially those which are the most intimate and private, that litigation and public courtroom cases do not always produce the best possible results; it does in fact have the potential of making matters worse, in which case you may find that handing the controls over to the lawyers and the courts is not necessarily the most proactive or enlightened way to settle sensitive issues. A courtroom family law judge, though assumed to be wise, knowledgeable, honorable , and perhaps quite experienced in family legal matters, will preside over your divorce, making decisions about everything having to do with your personal life, children, possessions, and property. Though the judge is responsible for enforcing the law, he or she may not agree with the way that you view the situation, meanwhile you will have given away most of your own authority over their opinion. Additionally, divorce proceedings can be a delicate time in your life in which issues of a very personal nature are discussed, and at a time when you would most appreciate some discretion and privacy, so that handling and negotiating your own divorce is the best way to look out for your overall interests.


If retaining control of your personal matters and sparing yourself a great deal of delay and expense sounds appealing, Nevada Power Law is available to help. Our all-inclusive document preparation services will fully equip you for your legal case in whatever capacity you require. Nevada Power Law is confident in your ability to negotiate and organize matters such as personal and community property, visitation, and custody with your partner. Nevada Power Law knows that intelligent, reasonable, and fair-minded individuals are quite capable of settling legal matters betwixt themselves in a way that will create a win-win situation for both parties; and while seeing to it that their own individual interests are protected. Why put yourself in a position where you might be forced to argue or beg with an outside legal authority, hoping that third parties will understand the significance of your concerns?


Nevada Power Law provides you with easy to use divorce proceeding packages to help you establish and complete your case. We believe that the money you would spend on legal representation could be better spent in a way that helps you to perhaps; re-establish yourself in a new living arrangement, to start or improve a business, to support your children, or to make your life more enjoyable and comfortable. Especially in the case of an uncontested divorce, the financial gains achieved from settling matters on your own can be quite substantial.


Nevada Power Law saves you time. Our document preparation services are great for a busy person with little time in their schedule for research and document preparation. We are competent professionals who can guide you through the process so that you are prepared for your case in court with all of the appropriate legal documentation.  There are many documents related to divorce proceedings. Some of the documents that you will need to initiate and finalize the divorce in the state of Nevada include the Complaint for Divorce and the Decree of Divorce. Throughout the entire process, it is possible that you will need additional documents, perhaps up to 20; such as the Marital Settlement Agreement; Civil Cover Sheet; Affidavit of Resident Witness Form; Family Court Cover Sheet; and Certificate of Mailing. Of course, utilizing professional assistance can make the document filing process a great deal easier, and may make you feel more at ease with your case. As a client of Nevada Power Law, you will know that there is comprehensive suite of services and documents available, as well as guidance for your case during a challenging ordeal.


Nevada is one of the best states in the country for self-service divorce proceedings because of the favorable laws and provisions that make it much easier than it would be elsewhere. For example, a Nevada couple is granted a No Fault divorce if they have been living apart for 12 months or more. In the case of separate living arrangements, you could file a divorce by establishing residency. You would then serve your spouse and then follow through with making all of the necessary arrangements with them. Also in Nevada, one can divorce solely because of irreconcilable differences. A Fault divorce may involve insanity on the part of the defendant for example, which would need to have occurred for 2 years prior to the commencement of the divorce with corroborative evidence.


Nevada is known around the globe as The Marriage Capital of the World. A couple in love, who want urgently to be married can do so very quickly in Nevada. Marriage licenses are available with no waiting period and no blood tests are required. Well over 100,000 marriages are performed each year in the state. Why should a couple’s natural romantic inclinations be dampened by the prospect of stressful courtroom proceedings and astronomical attorney's fees if the relationship should not work out? Services such as those provided by Nevada Power Law are the solution. You and your partner may be able to settle matters without any court appearances. With Nevada Power Law you can become divorced from your home, by mail, office, or even while away on vacation! 



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