Tips For Finding The Ideal Resident

May 19, 2015


Tips For Finding The Ideal Resident


Presentation and Marketing Message

    Of course the best way to attract the most ideal residents is to offer and present a clean, updated apartment with fully functioning in-unit and on-site appliances. Amazingly, according to numerous reports, there are actually a great number of property managers who fail to properly prepare their units for viewing and move-in. Marketing messages and advertisements should be professional, polite, informative, and proofread statements that reflect the quality and stature of the building, as well as the hospitality of the staff.     


First Impressions

    Once you have established that your building's appearance is immaculate, completely in order, reflects well on the apartment owners, and on your abilities as the attendant in charge, you will be ready to meet and make visual and verbal assessments about your potential clientele. Taking notes on your initial impression of an applicant over the telephone is always advisable, as persons will sometimes provide additional information about themselves over the telephone. When meeting in person, you will want to notice the person's dress and grooming, the car that they drive, and well as their manners, punctuality, and overall behavior. These characteristics can often reflect on the amount of respect and consideration the occupant will have with the property and the staff.        


Official Screening Process   

   Conducting an online search is a fast and easy way to initially screen a resident. Occasionally information about individuals will pop up through a simple Google search; sites such as Linked In and Facebook often provide detailed profiles for example. During the application process, advise the applicants to fill in as much information as possible. Following the interview, you’ll investigate your applicant's financial status for; judgments, liens, collection accounts, credit history, and bankruptcy filings, while keeping federal, state, and local laws in mind.   


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