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March 27, 2015




Manual Transmission Care is quite easy to do and creates value, conserving your financial resources.  

When it comes to transmission care in general, the transmission fluid is the key element pertaining to the healthy maintenance of your vehicle. Transmission fluid is regularly subjected to exposure and is at risk of becoming contaminated or oxidized. The transmission fluid and filter should be serviced and changed every 15,000 according to most professionals. Regular transmission fluid changes are necessary to prevent damage. A transmission flush on the other hand, cleanses the cooler lines, torque converter, and also cleanses all the fluid from the pan, which is recommended every 30,000 miles. Do not over-fill the transmission fluid which could also be damaging.

Manual Transmission Repair - If you notice grinding, gear slippage and/or static gears you might need to have the transmission checked for possible maintenance. Having a diagnostic done to identify the problem early on could prevent greater damage from occurring.

Transmission fluid should look bright red in color, if the transmission fluid is black or brown in a mucky or sludgy composition, this would indicate the need for a transmission flush. Always check the transmission with the motor running if you can hear bizarre or grinding noses. Discoloration of the fluid combines with strange noise most likely indicates a problem that may eventually worsen, leading to problems with shifting the gears to not being able to move the gears at all. If your automobile stalls after being placed in gear it might be because of contaminated fluid.  Cars may also jump, surge, or lurch forward, which could again be caused by dirty and contaminated transmission, 

requiring a flush. 

Manual transmission drivers should avoid riding the clutch which causes wear. Downshifting while breaking puts incredible strain on the transmission also causing deterioration. Avoid shifting in reverse while moving forward. This creates a very loud grinding noise which is the sound of the mechanical components grinding and wearing down. 

Manual transmission repair, which may require a new clutch depending on the vehicle, may cost about $1,000-$1,500, or up to $3,000 if it needs to be rebuilt. Imported vehicles such as Mercedes and BMW may be a bit more expensive. Not every problem with the transmission will require a major overhaul. A soft clutch for example might be the result of a smaller problem such as a loose or maladjusted clutch cable.  



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