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December 22, 2014


Australia Zoo located at 1638 Steve Irwin Way Beerwah Queensland, is one of Australia's most popular tourist parks. Located on the Sunshine Coast, it is just 30 minutes’ drive from Raffles Apartments.


The Australian Zoo is the 2003+2004 winner of the prestigious Major Tourist Attraction Award, and continues to receive accolades for its achievements. The facility itself sits on 1oo acres of land and houses over 100 different animals. The Australian Zoo is very well known as the home of the much missed wildlife commentator and preservationist Steve Irwin "Crocodile Hunter." His daughter Bindi and the rest of the family are continuing the tradition, and their photos can be seen on the zoo website. The Australian Zoo is constantly adding new exhibits and is currently making room for the Lemurs, who will dwell on a man-made island.


There is a very wide range of animals, reptiles, and mammals at the zoo and visitors are said to especially enjoy watching animal feedings and also being able to feed and to touch the animals. Unfortunately for Steve Irwin, there is no petting pool for very large crocodiles; there is one however for the baby crocs, and these are allowed to roam around the zoo. In actuality, it was one of Steve Irwin's lifelong dreams to see crocodiles residing in clean water. Well these very large residents are doing that now in the World Famous Crocomuseum. These facilities are nearly open quarters where the crocodiles can reside in private enclosures. Pedestrian of the zoo have the opportunity to acquaint themselves with the "talking" cockatoos, and there are others roaming about like the Wombat; while Kangaroos, Wallabies, and Koalas are close by and can be fed directly from the hand.


One of the most majestic exhibits might be the African Savanah, a multi species exhibit, which is designed to duplicate the animal’s natural habitat, and visitors are able to get close to these animals as they are freely frolicking. The African Savannah contains animals like zebras, tigers, and giraffes that zoo patrons will view via shuttle, traveling through the replicated region.

There are many who will bring children to the zoo and there is plenty for the kids to do. There are zoo activities designed especially for children; rides such as the Jumping Castle and the BW Croc Jumping Castle, which are something like a gigantic trampoline. Tea Cup Ride is for children who would enjoy a spot of tea, cups of tea that turn out to be wild, as the children are made to spin around quite a great deal. Animal rides are so much fun and the Camels are available to give you a lift. If zoo patrons would prefer a ride in a motor car, there is no need to tackle the entire zoo on foot, when there are vehicle driven tours available.

Visitors shouldn’t run out of activities, with the Animal Planet Crocoseum, a 5000 person capacity stadium and shows like Wildlife Warrior; the Tiger Temple, containing Sumatran and Bengal Tigers; Rain Forest Aviary, an outdoor walk-through for 150 birds; as well as the Elephantasia exhibit, land of the Asian Elephants.



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