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December 6, 2014



YDA can provide customers with new and innovative ways to analyze the risk of specific investments, as well as to forecast company finances, create financial simulations, and to create investment strategies involving stocks and forex equities and commodities.


*Strategy Back-Testing and optimization - allows users to design customized trading strategies in

which they can analyze investment performance using historical data.


*Advanced Analytics - allows investors to conduct predictive analysis, data mining, recasting, as well as text analysis.


*Automated Trading - utilize every millisecond available in the open market. Automated trading will help you to save time and to take advantage of opportunities and with additional speed and precision..


* Simulate the Market - Create strategies with the use of simulations from which you can study and

formulate possibilities for investment.

Financial Analysis and computer programming software are now solidified partners. Nearly every financial systems company is seeking specialty software as well as the financial experts who can utilize it. Software, such as programs for formulating strategies having to do with the Stock and Forex markets, is an increasingly efficient way of tackling today's markets.


Contact YDA today and speak to one of our expert team members about financial strategy software having to do with Stock and Forex markets.






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January 2, 2011

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