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December 6, 2014




Get Talking Launches Community Shared Knowledge Network


Waimate,Canterbury - NewZealand (12/5/14) - Get Talking Is pleased to announce the launch of

R.A.C.K. a community shared knowledge database. This Community Information Access isavailableto citizens of NewZealand who use the Internet withinrange of R.A.C.K. access points.




R.A.C.K. - Rapid Access Community Knowledge is a new system for community members to communicate with each other in order to receive fast up-to-date information, share data, and network socially. Citizens of New Zealand, community members, businesses, organizations, peak bodies, councils, districts, government, and residents living in the towns, regions, and villages, can access information and connect with the community. The goal of the community shared knowledge system platform is to improve the overall quality of life by bringing about much needed growth in the area of communication as it exists between entities such as but not limited to; special interest groups, health and educational organizations, businesses, tourists, sports clubs, Not For Profit Organizations, and many others. Community members who utilize the system will be able to find services such as free health services; special interest groups may benefit by finding like-minded supporters; a sports team holding a fund raiser might find generous donors, entrepreneurs can seek opportunities networking; all of these types of interactions help the community as in the sharing of information and resources. The more community members who sign up the more beneficial it will be for those who take part. Anyone who has access to the web; via smartphone, tablet, or access to a computer can sign up as members with R.A.C.K. and activate an account. A community shared knowledge network requires the support of its members to work most effectively.



"It's seriously been awhile, but finally am proud to say, initial release coming, finally!" - Matt Hampton, Director of Get Talking NZ Ltd


In addition to the R.A.CK. website there is also a R.A.C.K. mobile application which is free to download. With an ever increasing amount of people accessing the Internet from mobile smartphones, it is possible that the local response will resonate through the communities at a faster rate. Mobile applications make for a wider audience of individuals, and according to recent reports will continue to expand a great deal more each year. The R.A.C.K. has a better chance now at success than perhaps other similar attempts have had in previous years before the mobile application was available and so widely used.


About Get Talking NZ Ltd...


Get Talking NZ Ltd. is a niche philanthropic telecommunications provider located in Waimate, Canterbury New Zealand since 2011. Currently Get Talking NZ Ltd. works with a handful of select clients in providing telecommunications services. The company launched the R.A.C.K. Rapid Access Community Knowledge database in 2013. Get Talking NZ Ltd. has developed a software platform designed to unite communities and resources to increase organizational outreach, to provide information to visitors for tourism, create safer communities, etc... For more information and to sign up for the R.A.C.K. community shared knowledge member access, go to: www.gettalking.co.nz/



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