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November 29, 2014



Mike Rowe has earned a spot on our list of the RICHEST CELEBRITIES! Widely known for his work as television host and narrator of "Dirty Jobs," Mike is one of the richest celebrity television personalities. His net worth is an estimated $35 million, and he earns a $10 million annual accumulated salary. Mike is very busy in his career. After hosting "Dirty Jobs" he became the host of "Somebody's Gotta Do It," which premiered on the CNN Network in October of 2014. “Somebody’s Gotta Do It” is about extraordinary people 'who simply Gotta Do It.' Besides acting, Mike does a great deal of voice narration for a numerous amount of television shows, such as "Bearing Sea Gold: Under the Ice" and "Deadliest Catch," both are TV series documentaries.




Mike Rowe began his television career as a Shopping Host for the QVC Network in 1992. In some of the online viewer forums, fans state that Mike was the funniest host the network ever had. Today the QVC Network earns 8.6 Billion in annual revenues and continues to gain momentum; it has become known for its celebrity promotions. Mike told the “All Things Considered” radio program, that he initially went to the QVC Cable Network audition because of a $100 bet with his friend that he would get a call back from casting. During the audition, they reportedly rolled a pencil across a desk and asked Mike to pick it up and begin describing it. He ended up receiving a call back and winning the bet. Following his work at QVC he became the host of "Dirty Jobs" which catapulted him into fame and fortune!




During Mike Rowe's interview with CNN News, he answered to fans who were upset about his voice narration for Walmart. Mike's participation in the Walmart advertisement was criticized for what fans described as selling out since they had previously thought of Mike Rowe as an advocate for hard working people and skilled laborers. These fans feel that because of Walmart's outsourcing of over an estimated 130,000 + manufacturing jobs to China, that this was definitely not a company that Mike Rowe should be involved with. Mike Rowe explained to CNN that building a relationship with Walmart was a good way to address the problem.




Mike is using his success and affluence to help others with his mikeroweWORKS Foundation. On his website: www.mikeroweworks.com or www.profoundly disconnected.com he states: "the most important objectives of the mrW Foundation is to continually provide opportunities for financial aid [and] to help those qualified individuals who are interested in learning a skill and mastering a trade."




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