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November 29, 2014

WHO IS ALKEMI: We are Australia's leading experts in Conversion Rate Optimization; Alkemi is one of Australia's longest running online marketing agencies.


PARTNERSHIP OPPORTUNITY: We want to construct for you and your company the Premium Partnership Program. The Premium Partnership Program is more than just a profitable opportunity, it can enhance just about every other facet of your company.


HOW IT WORKS: Alkemi Premium Partnership will take what you have already established and make it produce the profits and results that you will soon see to be in your reach.


NEXT STEPS: Once you have taken the next steps and officially partnered with Alkemi you and your company have only to enjoy the enormous profits and rewards.


One of Australia’s longest running online marketing agencies - Alkemi is one of Australia's most distinguished and longest running marketing Agencies.

Australia’s leading experts in Conversion Rate Optimization - Alkemi is Australia's leading expert in Conversion Rate Optimization, a national leader and innovator in the industry. 
Improving PPC Performance since 2001 (13 Years) - With 13 years of improving PPC performance since 2001, we have the technology and the skill to elevate your business. 


Over 400 clients - Alkemi wants you to research our 400 satisfied customers in Australia and tell us what you see our services doing for your business based on these results.

Audited over 100 Business - In order to create the most top level systems and technological strategies we have audited over 100 businesses. 

We're talking about sales not just traffic - Alkemi is interested in the business of creating sales not just traffic. Specifically this means better-quality - targeted at-your-niche-traffic that will result in profits.

100% results driven - with Alkemi Pay Per Click Services your company revenues could double; you can triple your conversion rate; improve clicks at hundreds or a thousand percent; while at the same time reducing costs nihilistically.

Cater to All type of Businesses Small, Medium and Larger Business - We can create results for companies of any size; small, medium, and large. Recurring passive income with Premium Pay Per Click and Conversion Rate Optimization from Australia’s leading experts.


18 Years of Experience in Digital Marketing - We have over 18 years of experience in digital marketing, one of the most experienced in the country. 

Google Partner Certification - Alkemi Team Certified in AdWords & Analytics - Alkemi is a certified Google partner and our entire team is certified in Google AdWords and Analytics, so that your company will enjoy exclusive access to Google PPC Beta Programs. You will have access to a Dedicated Account Manager and a Dedicated Specialist for Ecommerce or Lead Gen Website.


Direct Access to Google Staff via Phone - Because of our Google Partner Certification status, your company will have direct access to Google Staff via telephone at your convenience. 

Design Landing Page for Lead Gen- Alkemi creates a Landing Page for the lead and provides a unique specialized offer of PPC Management and Conversion Rate Optimization.

ROI Focused - Alkemi utilizes a website marketing strategy and optimization service that doesn't just increase traffic, it creates increased profits and definitive return on investment results.


Exclusive access to Google PPC Beta Programs -Partnership with Alkemi mean Exclusive Access to Google PPC Beta Programs.

400 Satisfied Customers in Australia - We want you to see the returns received from our 400 satisfied clients and we want our potential clients to read about what past and present clients are saying about Alkemi; as well as exactly what the services have done to improve their business. 

No competing services - Alkemi services are results without competing services.

Recurring Passive Income - The particular elevation we are talking about is caused by recurring passive income, significant earnings that Alkemi will create for you and your business. Alkemi prefers witnesses. The revenue generated from your website and recurring passive income.


In House Pay Per Click Education: Quarterly training, performance analysis and celebrations - Alkemi provides In House Pay Per Click Education; as well as Quarterly Training and performance analysis to keep your team up to speed. We also host celebration events in observance of your inevitable successes!


Alkemi value adds to your existing relationship -By providing increasing amounts of results driven growth, Alkemi consistently adds value to your existing client relationships. 

Increased client spend: Your clients growth will require more of your services
Local Support: Dedicated support team in Victoria and Sydney - You and your business will never be in the dark due to our dedicated Local Support Team, available in Victoria and Sydney.


Education - Alkemi will educate you and your business so that you will understand the work that is being done to improve your product. 

Dedicated support team in Victoria and Sydney - Our local support team is available to provide the answers and service that your company requires. 

Monthly Performance Reporting - We provide numerous amounts of intelligence; Client Retention Rate; Optimization tips; we have ROI focus, and more.


Consider if your clients are the right fit for PPC - We work with quality clients, some of who are very well known in their individual industries. Their success with Alkemi is proof of the business intelligence which leads a client to Alkemi and is part of the decision making process that will push your company ahead, lifting it up to that next level. 

Ecommerce or Lead Gen - During your investigation of the opportunity, Alkemi has the following recommendations for the best- fit clients, which would include the utilization of Ecommerce as well as Lead Generation Marketing. 

Spending more than $5000 on google AdWords - Best-fit Clients will invest more than $5,000 on google AdWords and will spend more than $1,000 per month in Management. 

Can implement small changes on the website - Your best-fit client will be at liberty to implement small changes to the website. 

Not selling any Google prohibited products - If your client is selling any Google prohibited products, then Alkemi might not be an appropriate business tool for them.

Review the partnership agreement - The process for partnering with Alkemi is a simple one, you have only to review the partnership agreement, making sure that all of the statements regarding your new strategyfor creating passive income with Alkemi meet your approval, and then to sign it. 

Start introducing - With The Alkemi Partnership Opportunity the Premium Pay Per Click Services the process is almost as effortless for us as it is for our clients, because at Alkemi the way that we want to promote and to sell to our potential clients is to simply show and to demonstrate the results. They should look at the numbers!



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