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November 25, 2014

If you are a sports fan perhaps when you hear the name MetLife Insurance you may think of the MetLife Stadium, home of the New York Giants and the New York Jets. This year in 2014, the NFL Superbowl XVIII was played for the very first time at the MetLife Stadium. MetLife may also call to mind the dog from the Peanuts cartoons named Snoopy and the MetLife advertisements. MetLife Insurance - MetLife Inc., operates in the United States as well as globally, providing insurance, annuities, and employee benefit programs. Types of insurance which can be found at MetLife include: life, accident, and health; including retirement and savings products. When you visit the MetLife online website it is possible to get a basic idea about the various policies and forms of insurance. You can also see the MetLife login portal as the MetLife online site provides tools to manage your account online should you purchase a policy.  The MetLife online website also provides a Life insurance calculator found on the MetLife Login page so that you can determine how much insurance you and/or your family will need to purchase; as well as a Term Life Insurance portal that derives a quote of the expected cost.


Most financial advisors and professionals are trained and licensed not only to increase and generate assets for a client’s portfolio and savings, most are also licensed in order to competently manage a client's insurance needs and concerns as well; both commodities working side by side. Depending on the daily circumstances of life, insurance can translate directly into these very financial resources that are in most cases largely being managed for growth, when in fact insurance is its own type of savings account.  Insurance might be thought of as something like money credits or in a sense, bitcoin depending on how it’s used. The concept of protection, in relationship to one’s cash and investments, engenders overall financial intelligence, and a path leading to insurance. In essence these are funds that you haven't earned or saved, but are promised to have access to provided certain circumstances.  Insurance professionals with their experience can provide a person with advice in regards to the amount of insurance that should be purchased, with potentials for profit and/or security; though gauging the impact of certain events, such as not being able to work, might not be to awfully difficult to calculate if you know how much your bills are each month.  Some analysts are calling financial planning that involves insurance a "defensive strategy" whereas the investment angle alone is called an "offensive strategy." There is currently a great deal of information about the "MetLife Perspective" in connection with financial planning. The company and its spokesperson, former NFL Football wide receiver Jerry Rice, is helping to illustrate this point. According to a recent MetLife Financial Planning Perspectives Poll, 75% of the affluent investors surveyed have portfolios that are currently at risk due to their lack of proper insurance coverage, and that 55% of those surveyed feel that growing their assets is a great deal more important than protecting ones assets. Creating financial investments to save for events like college tuition for the children and retirement seem to be what most people have in mind when planning for the future. The MetLife survey was conducted by the Penn Schoen Berland for the MetLife Premier Client Group. The results of the survey are listed on the MetLife online website, where there is also a MPCG Quiz in which you can test your own knowledge of these important financial principals and compare your own results with the survey.


MetLife currently rates pretty well with policy holders though critics of the company state that there are a few areas in need of improvement, like payment options for example. It is easy enough to manage a  MetLife policy online with one's MetLife online sign in, though the company does not accept credit or debit card payments, only checks through the postal mail and bank account transfers. In this way you may are exposed to the possibility of a payment being received late if the letter is somehow delayed in the mail or by bank processing schedules. MetLife login can provide access from a computer but the MetLife mobile app does not, apparently the app is only useful before one obtains a policy. On the other hand, monthly rates for MetLife are considered to be reasonable for the market, tendering a very competitive rate. They offer many of the features that consumers are looking for such as cash value access, partial surrenders, policy dividends with paid up additions option, and interest rate guarantees. There is also a worker’s compensation related waiver which waives premium costs if you are injured and cannot work or make payments. See MetLife online for additional information.




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