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November 16, 2014

Could you imagine receiving your mail at the local Starbucks? Or perhaps picking up your packages at the nearest tavern? The Postal delivery service model has evolved a great deal since its 17th century beginnings. Before President George Washington signed the Postal Service Act in 1792, which established the United States Postal Department, Benjamin Franklin served as Postmaster General under the Continental Congress. Postmaster Franklin is credited for the institution of properly surveyed and marked routes, overnight postal service between critical cities, and for creating a rate chart based on weight and distance. The years between 1847-1862, brought the issuance of the first postage stamps, street letter boxes, and pony express. The Postal Service Act established the cabinet-level Post Office Department, which was changed into its current form, an independent agency, in 1970 due to the Postal Reorganization Act.


Today in 2014 we have a great number of options to choose from when mailing letters and packages. Registered Mail, Signature Confirmation,, and USPS Tracking are just a few of the postal service conveniences that we now enjoy. There are approximately 31,135 Postal Service managed retail offices in the U.S.; if there are, in 2014, roughly 319 million people living in the United States, you might find that many of them are frequently visiting the post office, where consequently there can be found a great deal of traffic and long lines at any time, regardless of the season. For those who enjoy completing a great many tasks online in general, and for those who have already began using online postal printing services in order to print stamps and package-post materials at home, may also appreciate being able to complete their postal duties online at the website. When you visit the site you will find the USPS sign in for USPS services as well as a listing of other authorized providers. USPS provides the Click-N-Ship service found at the site and this service is free when you create a USPS online account and USPS online sign in, becoming a registered user. The Click-N-Ship service does not require a monthly fee, proprietary software, hardware, or special paper. There are descriptive packaging illustrations and details on how to successfully accomplish the transaction on the Postage Price Calculator page at site. It is possible as well to create labels with your mobile devise. The USPS Mobile app manages all of your UPS shipments, estimates delivery times, shipping costs, and tracks all packages en route. With the USPS sign in and USPS online account you can more easily track your packages. Prices for Priority Mail Express are discounted when using the Click-N-Ship online service. For Priority Mail the weight, size, and distance the mail piece is traveling will determine the price. A package weighing less than 20lbs. but smaller than 108 inches and to be mailed locally will be charged the "balloon price," basic rate. Non-local packages will be subject to "dimensional pricing," costing a bit more. First Class Mail, Standard Mail, Library Mail, and Media Mail, are not zoned, so that if your package must be sent to area 8 (far away), no additional charges will be assessed. Non-Flat Rated Priority Mail Express, Priority mail, Standard Post, and Bound Printed Matter are all zoned and will be charged additional fees. 10x5-10x7 Flat Rate envelopes cost $5.75. The Small Flat Rate Boxes are also $5.75, the Medium Flat Rate Boxes cost $12.65 and the Large Flat Rate Boxes are $17.90. For Standard Mail, weight does not affect the pricing until it has reached 3.3 ounces. Beyond 3.3 ounces additional charges will be added. Priority Express packages arrive overnight, while Priority Mail packages arrive in about two days, but technically between 1 and 3 days. If you require further information about Priority Mail delivery time, there is a Priority Mail map where you can click on the various postal zones in order to better calculate the exact delivery time.


According to some customer reviews of the authorized providers, that these work most satisfactorily for those who send large amounts of mail each month. requires special software in order to print postage as well as a monthly fee of about $15.99. Customers have also stated that these fee-based services are most beneficial specifically to those who ship more than $100 per month or require tracking information on more than 10 packages per month, such as those who own their own businesses. eBay and PayPal users can print postage and labels without a USPS sign in or USPS online account by utilizing eBay's online postage solution. provides a listing of these authorized providers on the site, and you have only to choose the one best suited to your needs.



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