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November 8, 2014

    Not every pizza restaurant has the type of pizza toppings one is looking for on the menu. Pesto and Tomato pizza for example, which might be found on the menu at an Italian restaurant or at the neighborhood pizza sliceria, is a total anomaly to the pizza delivery chains such as Pizza Hut and Round Table, where the pizza toppings stick to the green peppers, black olives, onions, mushrooms, tomato sauces, Italian sausage, beef, and pepperoni variety, with perhaps BBQ, vegetarian, and Hawaiian Delights as alternative options. California Pizza Kitchen, which has now expanded into 30 states, probably has a more exotic variety than the norm, and all of their pies have that California Pizza Kitchen-look. On the other hand Pizza Hut doesn't seem to mind if patrons know what a "rasher" is, (thinly sliced fried or broiled bacon).


    Pizza crust can be a focused area of preference, its flavor and texture; whether the cooked dough be thin and crisp or thick and fluffy. Of course most people know that in Italy where pizza was born, that the pizzas served in restaurants have very thin crust and might be eaten with utensils. In the United States, Americans in general prefer a thicker crust and larger pie, and might request an extra thick or deep dish crust. Hungry Howie’s Pizza & Subs offers a variety of crust flavors, such as Cajun and Garlic Herb. Those who like the stuffed crust pizza (which is becoming more popular), don't mind cooking their pizza at home, and picking it up as well, might enjoy the Papa Murphy’s 2 layer, 4 pounder menu.


    There are pizza franchises who credit the success of their business to the freshness of their ingredients, such as Marcos Pizza. The sauce is made from vine-ripened tomatoes and the dough is made from scratch every day. Papa Johns is also known for fresh cut, non-frozen vegetables.

Those who can taste the ancient roman tradition may be partial to the brick oven baked pizzas. Most pizza chains bake their pies in the large, silver, modern-ovens while Brick Oven Pizza, Red Brick Pizza, etc., make the brick-factor known in their company names. Those who want pizza to be handmade have significantly more local choices than those who want both the human hands-on and the bricks. Sbarro restaurant makes pizza with hand-stretched dough.


    Some pizza eaters appreciate most of all the pizza delivery that is available during the late night or after hours, and including the various holy days. Those with busy schedules and those who may sometimes work on holidays for example can have a genuine appreciation for the most commodious availability. If after some hours of working you have ever looked up finally from your computer, realized the time as well as the need to feed yourself, only to find that every Pizza place seems to be closed. One must stop what they are doing and begin furiously scrying for a pizza (on a Christmas Day). Knowing in advance who these sainted establishments are can come in handy.


    The weight conscious may find pizza refuge at the Godfather's pizza chain which offers "The Don's Light Line", where each slice is said to have approximately 150-180 calories; the crust is thinner. Godfather’s has a special Facebook page dedicated to this section of the menu, possibly in anticipation of a large amount of fan messages and likes. Godfather's has pizza delivery and if you happen to like pesto sauce, they offer a Pesto Chicken & Spinach Pizza!



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