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August 17, 2014

The Star Wars Death Star Tea Infuser is the “ultimate weapon” in tea drinking. It is known and feared throughout the galaxy. A small-scale replica of the nearly completed Death Star, the spherical, weaponized space station of the evil galactic empire.


The Star Wars Death Star Tea Infuser is not only a massive weapon capable of destroying whole planets in seconds and rendering them into dust, it also

Harnesses the most POWERFUL tea flavor possible; holding the herbal tea leaves in the most ruthless captivity until every last vein of essence is thoroughly extracted of its vitality. When you blast the Tea Infuser into your cup’s watery moon orbit, it creates the most POTENT and ROBUST elixir of delicious tea known to man.

Only the dark side of the force can provide a person with this most VIGOROUS elixir of flavorful tea.

Don’t let Vader take for himself all that is meant to be yours!


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January 2, 2011

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