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Tarot For Parties!

by: m.wilson

Arriving fall 2019

Cleopatras I-VII 

A Brief History

by: m.wilson


Cleopatras l-Vll / A brief history


There's people in there restoring the wall murals. (now I've seen it)...


Taking a few notes on Cleopatras l - Vll...


Tentative title for my next book (2019).

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by: m.wilson

Completed ©

Some Women

Some Women Updates...


contemplating foreign publisher...


5-Pagers - receiving some requests...

3/22/18 Submitted to University Fellowship

Oct 4

first NO received today N - O yay!!!!!!!! things are happening...

Jun 24

some women © yay!

Jun 10

sw: about 14% more to go, then list check everything; decided on approx 40,000w for the new non-fic. Warning: silk soymilk – no foam : (

Apr 21

some women: proofreading = 1/3 down and 2 : )

Apr 4

some women: ok eetz a book! proofreading - pass #1 : )

16 Oct 2016

editing putty+ some women over the novella word count and into the novel cat according to the SF& Fant Writ of A (Wiki). SHORT novel... : )

 31 Jul 2016

some women - ok! i think the major problems are taken care of. time now for tooling and tweaking... : )

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